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    Lympho News – customized information for you

    With this Newsletter you will get customized information as you need. You will stay informet about our latest product developments and get interesting news on the latest happenings in the market. If you would like to subscribe to our Newsletter, please use the form below.

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    Lympho Advice Team – support where you need it

    Our Medical Advisor team together with your local sales representative will be your service partner.

    Did you ever need to get special training for the special needs of your patients? Get support where you need it by our lympho advice team.

    Lympho Training & Education – the best care for your patients

    JOBST® Compression Institute’s mission is to answer questions and be a valuable resource for fitters, clinicians, healthcare providers and caregivers interested in learning more about compression therapy and lymphatic and venous disorders.
    If you would like to know more about our upcoming events or training sessions, please go to:

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    Lympho „JOBST custom e-shop“ – customized garments order simple

    JOBST’s® Custom e-shop service allows you to order for your patients digitally, simplifying your every day work. With initial checks on measurements, and suggestions for relevant products and features, Custom e-shop helps your patients get the right product combinations in less time.