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    Ready-to-wear and Custom-made compression garments

    Our ready-to-wear line consists of compression products that can be worn both in the decongestion and maintenance phases. These garments come in different compression classes (e.g. JOBST® Bella LITE and STRONG) to help you tailor your compression therapy to your unique needs.

    Our custom-made line consists of compression garments to be worn during the maintenace phase. These garments are made with 3D knitting technology to provide a comfortable aligned fit, even to unique anatomical shapes. Special Functional Zones (flexible knitting in areas like the knee and elbow, where movement is common) ensure maximum comfort throughout the day.

  • ITS approach - Product table

    Ready-to-wear and Custom-made compression garments

    The choice of the right compression garment type depends on your condition and lifestyle. Talk to your therapist about which type of compression garment is right for you.

  • ITS approach - Product table

    Compression wraps and bandages

    At BSN, we offer a range of Compression wraps and bandages that can be used in both decongestion and maintenance phases.

    • JOBST® Compri 2, with its short stretch bandaging capabilities is great for use in the decongestion phase. It is considered the Gold Standard in Lymphedema care.
    • JOBST® FarrowWrap® is a patented line of short-stretch compression garments that provides a wide range of compression that is suited to your activity level. For example, it provides low, steady levels of compression when you are resting, but higher compression when you stand up or are active. The result is a comfortable garment that reacts to the needs of the limb, providing more compression when you need it, and less when you don’t. Other benefits of JOBST® FarrowWrap® include:

      • An easy to use hook-and-loop fastener means the garment can be easily adjusted to provide the same performance whether the limb is swollen or not, making it a great solution for patients with unstable edemas.
      • Easy-to-use adjustable bands means its easy to get on and off – especially for patients who don by themselves

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    Night care

    Compression therapy is an important component of lymphedema management. But did you know that the use of compression bandages and garments is not limited to the day? Your lymphatic system is still active in the nighttime, so why shouldn‘t your compression therapy?

    During the decongestion phase, patients usually wear compression bandages overnight in order to support the reduction process.

    In the maintenance phase, nighttime compression can help to prevent the accumulation of new lymph fluid throughout the night and may even counteract daytime swelling.

    We know that some patients are worried that nighttime treatment may be uncomfortable, leading to a poor night‘s sleep for both them and their partner. Our JoviPak® assortment of nighttime garments are made with ivory organic cotton/lycra®, making it a soft and comfortable nighttime compression option to support you through a comfortable night’s sleep.

    Our newly developed custom-made JOBST® Relax is a revolutionary night care garment that can be comfortably worn while you are resting and relaxing - not just while you are sleeping. The slim-line, flexible and lightweight design of JOBST® Relax allows freedom of movement, thus maximizing comfort while you are relaxing before bedtime as well as while you are sleeping.


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    Skin and wound care

    With our Cutimed® skin and wound care product assortment, we are committed to providing you with the optimal solutions to support healthy skin throughout your lymphedema therapy.

    Many of our skin care products can be used with our garments to help keep skin healthy, even during compression treatment.